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  EATA (Evergreen Art Therapy Association)
Location:  The Frye Art Museum
704 Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104 US
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When:  Sunday, December 7, 1:00PM
Come join us at the Frye to celebrate the power of art and transformation. 12-1 PM Officers meeting: you are welcome to join us. 1-3 PM we will start out in the Frye Café, making small portable images/objects representing how the winter season can be a time of rest and rejuvenation. Make a small card or image to help you stay connected with your divine center as the holiday season tries its hardest to grab it away from you. Bring some paper, markers or glittery glue, crinkly scissors or ribbon to share . If so inspired look for small magazine images that make you think of grounding, centering, rejuvenation of this rainy, foggy environment. The Frye has an exhibit about the use of metaphor and projection until Jan 09. Check it out!