Evergreen Art Therapy Association (EATA) Meeting Schedule

Membership meetings are events designed to promote art therapy and network community.  Meetings are every other month on the first Sunday afternoon of each month.  EATA sends out  notices by e-mail to members and those interested in receiving EATA information, so if you would like to be on the mailing list please contact us at info@evergreenarttherapy.org.  


2014 Chapter Meetings

February 9, 1-3pm  "Art Therapy Show & Tell."  You are invited to bring a favorite art therapy tool or directive to share with the group (this may be an art supply or technique, a book, a resource, etc). Location: Antioch Art Studio.The board will meet prior to this meeting from 11:30-1pm. 

April 6th, 1-3pm - "Creating EATA Community." You are invited to attend a panel discussion to get to know the new 2014-2015 Board members, learn more about some of the benefits of EATA membership (including scholarship opportunities) and visions for the future of Art Therapy in Washington state, AND participate in a multi-media Community Quilt Art Project. Please bring your favorite art materials to use/share in the making of this art project! Location: Seattle Central Library, Room 6, Level 4.The board will meet prior to this meeting from 11:30-1pm.

If you are want to participate in creating the Community Quilt Art Project, but you are unable to attend this meeting, EATA would love to include you! Where ever you are located, you are welcome to send in your artwork (size: 6"x6") by March 31st to:

Evergreen Art Therapy Association

P.O. Box 9055, Seattle, WA 98109

June 1st, 1-3pm -  "Studio Art & Soul.You are invited to share your studio art practices with other artists AND participate in a SoulCollage experiential. 

We will begin with getting to know one another's Studio Art Practices - please bring samples/images of what you are working on to inspire and/or to be inspired. Then we will be participating in a SoulCollage drama & art experiential, facilitated by Suzanne West. All materials are provided, however you are welcome to bring additional images to add in the creation of your personal collage. 

More information about SoulCollage:http://www.soulcollage.com

Location: Antioch Art Studio. 

August 3rd, 1-3pm - Programming TBA

October 5th, 1-3pm - Programming TBA

December 7th, 1-3pm - Programming TBA

2013 Chapter Meetings

February 3 1-3 Discussion about conference and prep
April 14 1-3 Prep for conference
June 2 1-4 Prep for conference

December 8th End of Year "Rejuvenation" Meeting at the Frye Art Museum
12:30-2pm View art exhibits and create response art work 
2-4pm EATA Delegate Joanne della Penta will be a presenter for "Lecture: Franz von Stuck - Lust, Performance, and the Artist's Gaze" (FREE)


2013 Board Meetings 

First Sunday of each month at 11:30 at Antioch University

Special end-of-term board meeting on December 6th at the Frye Art Museum, 11-12:30.

2012 Chapter Meetings 

Sunday, February 5th, 1-3pm: Tricks of the Trade at Antioch University Seattle
The topic for our February EATA membership meeting is "Tricks of the Trade." Attendees are invited to bring their favorite art therapy tricks and tools to share with the group. The tricks or tools may be art directives, art materials, books or any other trick or tool you have found useful in your practice. Come ready to share, create, and learn!

Sunday, April 1st, 1-3pm: Yoga and Art Therapy at Antioch University Seattle
Carey DeMartini and Karlie Markendorf will be giving a presentation on yoga and art therapy. Attendees should wear comfortable clothes, but yoga mats aren't necessary 

Sunday, June 3rd, 1-3pm: Self-Care Workshop at Antioch University Seattle
Exploring compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and ways to promote self care for mental health professionals.  Led by Margaret Prescott and Jenn Harkness.

Sunday, August 5th, 1-3pm: Natural Objects Ephemeral Art and Potluck in the Park
We will meet at the cafe by the Olympic Sculpture Gardens and then walk over to the Myrtle Edwards Park to make art with found objects, it will be a opportunity to get to know one another and have fun!

Sunday, October 7th, 1-3pm: Private Practice Panel at Antioch University Seattle
Wednesday, November 14, 7:00-8:30pm at Antioch University Seattle. Chris Brewer has agreed to present a MARI Card Workshop for EATA.  Free for members and guests. Flyer to be sent out soon.

Sunday, December 2nd, 1-3pm Frye Art Museum, gallery walk and response art

2011 Chapter Meetings

Monday, February 7th: Come see the film "Art Saves Lives" at Antioch University Seattle, 7-9pm
Sunday, April 3rd: Art Therapists share their "Tricks of the Trade." Come prepared to share a trick or two! Antioch University Seattle, 1-3pm
Monday, June 6th: Cancelled for summer break!
Sunday, August 7th: Frye Art Museum, 1-3pm
Saturday, October 8th: Art as Witness: Hands-On Ceramic Workshop with Valerie Hellerman - 9:00 – 12:00pm; Pre-registration required for all participants! Seats are LIMITED! Free for EATA members. See Upcoming events page for more details.
Sunday December 4th: Rosalie Frankel, Art Therapist at Seattle Children's Hospital will present at Antioch University, Seattle from1-3pm.

*Any changes to meeting schedule will be posted online before the event.

Schedule for EATA Board Meetings

Board members will meet an hour prior to regularly scheduled EATA meetings / events. All meetings are open unless otherwise noted.

If you want to receive reminder emails or be on the regular email list please let us know by contacting us at info@evergreenarttherapy.org.