About Art Therapy


What is Art Therapy?

There continues to be more research showing how creative process and making art is inherently therapeutic.  It helps with cognition, it aides in release and insight to emotions, and it is somatic, using the body to create.  Art therapy is a discipline intentionally using creative process with a variety of materials as a way to gain insight, integrate memory and the mind-body connection, learn new ways of being, and heal.  It is most often used with psychotherapy and together help to treat a variety of mental health issues from trauma, anxiety, depression to issues with relationship and life transitions.  Art therapy can be used with young children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.  A person does not need to have any artistic skill to engage in this kind of therapy as it is not about what the art product looks like, it is focused more on the process, meaning and feeling of the art making. On the Frequently Asked Questions portion of this site you will find more on this topic and links to explore.